September 2018

Fact-finding mission Ghana

Awareness raising Capacity building Legal framework

In Ghana, the CBRN Center of Excellence is organized around a core group, with 12 members from various state institutions, such as the Food and Drugs Administration, the National Revenue Authority, etc. This core group is closely related to the National Security Authority, which may mandate some of the members to support activities from the CBRN CoE Initiative.

Four people have been nominated to support the key experts for the duration of the mission:

This organization has been very useful to meet all institutions to be met by the mission, and every activity was very well prepared. All assignments and meetings have been facilitated by the CBRN team to present the project, its aims and goals, and finally, after the presentations, clarifications and questions have been solved by the whole group, both experts and CBRN members.

In Ghana, falsified medicines are mainly dealt with through the National Security Council, and the fight against falsified medicines is included under the broader umbrella of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism.

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