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Legal mentions

1. Legal information

The website (hereinafter referred to as the Site) is published by

Expertise in France,
French Agency for International Technical Expertise
Public establishment of an industrial and commercial nature
73, rue de Vaugirard – 75006 Paris
RCS PARIS 808 734 792 792
Intracommunity VAT number FR36 808734792

The Director of Publication, Mr Jérémie PELLET, Managing Director of Expertise France, can be contacted by e-mail at the following address:

The editorial content of the Site is decided and updated by the Health Department of Expertise France.

The hosting of the Site is provided by

SAS with a capital of €10,069,020
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The maintenance and technical updates of the Site are carried out by

SARL au Capital: 5 000 Euros
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VAT: FR813810488


2. Object

The purpose of these general conditions is to regulate the use of the MEDISAFE Site (hereinafter referred to as the Site) accessible on the Internet at

Any natural or legal person and any expert mobilized on MEDISAFE project connecting to this Site, collaborative platform included, is considered to be a user of this Site (hereinafter referred to as the Users).

By accessing the Site, Users acknowledge that they have read and accept these general terms and conditions of use in their entirety.

As the publisher of the Site, Expertise France reserves the right to modify at any time without notice or prior notification the content of these general conditions of use. It is therefore recommended that users of the Site regularly consult these general terms and conditions of use.


3. Presentation of the Site

The Site presents the MEDISAFE Project from an institutional point of view and has no commercial purpose. As such, it contains the following elements (hereinafter referred to as the Elements):

  • Information on the MEDISAFE Project: objectives, strategy, context, action plan, partners…
  • News of the MEDISAFE Project: upcoming events and press articles…
  • Resources and documents related to the issue covered by MEDISAFE.
  • A contact form to exchange with the operational teams.
  • A secure collaborative platform dedicated to the experts mobilized on the MEDISAFE Project (hereinafter mentioned as “the Platform”) including: a Forum dedicated to the experts and national focal points, a documentation area, an agenda and an experts planning dedicated to the experts.

The Site is available in both English and French versions, the Collaborative Platform part is only available in English.


4.Content of the Site

4.1 Features

The Elements concerning the MEDISAFE Project are presented by theme. Each theme is the subject of a drop-down menu accessible from the home page of the Site.

The theme “The Project” presents the context of the implementation of the MEDISAFE Project, its strategy, objectives, intervention zone and methods, action plan and operational organization.

The “Partners” theme presents the CBRN CoE Initiative, the partner countries, the consortium’s partner structures in charge of implementing the MEDISAFE Project alongside Expertise France and the organizations related to the project.

The “News” theme presents the news of the MEDISAFE Project in terms of upcoming events and publications related to its purpose.

The theme “Resources” is a documentary base relating to the purpose of the MEDISAFE Project.

The contact form allows you to exchange information about the MEDISAFE Project with Expertise France, the consortium leader in charge of its implementation.

The secure Platform dedicated to the stakeholders mobilised on the MEDISAFE Project will allow them to collaborate on the project. It includes:

  • A Forum dedicated to experts and national focal points will allow them to exchange the necessary information on the operational progress of the MEDISAFE Project.
  • A Documentation space will allow the stakeholders mobilised on the MEDISAFE Project to get the necessary documentation and information for the operational progress of the project.
  • The Agenda area will allow all the stakeholders of the MEDISAFE Project to be informed of the events and missions organised within the framework of the MEDISAFE Project.
  • An expert planning area dedicated to experts will allow them to inform their availability.

4.2 Platform for Experts and Forum

The User connects to the Platform with his email address and a password. The password has been automatically set for import by the MEDISAFE project’s operational team and can be modified later. For security reasons, the password must contain at least: 1 digit, 1 special character and a minimum length of 8 characters. After login, the User arrives on the Platform homepage.

With one click, the Platform user can access the Forum and post the following content on this one:

  • Text only;
  • Text with an image;
  • Text with multiple images (gallery);
  • Text with a hyperlink. If the link is a video, a player will be displayed (YouTube only).

Platform User can also:

  • like a publication in order to express its interest in its content;
  • comment on a publication (to comment another comment isn’t possible);
  • view images and links.

The Platform also includes an agenda showing the events that will be held month by month. An event consists of the following information: date, categories, country concerned, a description and one or more files.


5. Accessibility and accountability

Users of the Site remain personally responsible for the use they make of the Site, Platform included, throughout the period during which they consult it.

Consequently, Users of the Site undertake to use the Site, Platform and Forum included:

  • According to French law applicable on the day on which site is consulted and without committing an infraction regarding to this one.
  • Without causing any kind of prejudices directly or indirectly to other Users or third people.

As the publisher of the Site, Expertise France undertakes to do everything possible to guarantee Users of the Site quality access to it and its proper functioning.

However, Expertise France declines any responsibility with regard to:

  • To all difficulties of access to the Site and the Platform, whatever its nature or origin;
  • To all the damage that may be suffered by Users of the Site as a result of their use of the Site and the Platform, the information and functionalities offered on the Site, the hypertext links that may be found there and the link to linked sites or any malfunction of the Site.Users of the Site guarantee Expertise France against any dispute that may be made against it on the basis of this foundation.


6. Protection of personal data

The Site provides Users with a contact form and a newsletter subscription form involving the management and processing of personal data by Expertise France. Personal data refers to any information that makes possible to individually identify and designate the Users of the Site as natural persons.


The personal datas processed by this form are the first and last names of the Users, their connecting body, their personal email address of a professional or non-professional nature, the subject and message of their request.

The purpose of processing them is to put Expertise France in contact with Users.

Expertise France will keep users’ personal data as long as possible while processing them.


The personal datas processed by this form are the email address of Users and their preferred language. The purpose of processing them is to send the MEDISAFE newsletter to the subscribers.

Users may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by clicking on the link provided at the bottom of each newsletter. Their email address will automatically be removed from the recipient file.

Platform Users may not share their personal data through Platform features and use others. It is recommended that they use other means beyond the control of Expertise France to do this.

Users of the Forum are in no way authorized to post on the Platform the personal information of any natural person different from them.


7. Cookies

The use of the Site requires the use of cookies.

Cookies are tracers used to access User information already stored in their electronic communications terminal equipment and to record information on it.

The Site’s cookies are used to improve its functioning and to compile statistics on traffic.  They do not allow the collection of personal data.

These tracers cannot, technically, be deactivated from the Site. Users of the Site may nevertheless oppose the use of these tracking devices, exclusively by setting their browser to either enable the private browsing function or by restricting or prohibiting cookies.

This site uses cookies to improve your user experience and to achieve audience statistics.


8. Intellectual Property

All the elements contained on the Site, namely the visual, graphic, creative or other elements, benefit from the protection granted by the Intellectual Property Code. In the absence of any prior express authorization from Expertise France, any total or partial reproduction of the Site or any of its elements, as mentioned above, constitutes an infringement within the meaning of French intellectual property law and may be sanctioned as such on this basis if necessary.

Forum Users declare that they have all the necessary rights and authorizations in relation to the different elements of documentation that they will disseminate through the Platform. They guarantee Expertise France against any dispute about the dissemination of these elements that could be formulated against it.


9. Applicable law and French courts

Any question or dispute arising from the interpretation, application or implementation of these conditions shall be governed by French law. After an attempt at amicable resolution within one month of their occurrence, disputes will be brought before the competent French courts because of their purpose.


This website was created and maintained with the financial support of the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of Expertise France and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.


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