Action plan

MEDISAFE’s objective is to contribute towards and to improve our partner countries’ existing tools and procedures for identifying  falsified medicines and fighting against their production and trafficking. This is to be achieved through the implementation of six key strategic actions: raising awareness, strengthening legal framework, improving technical capabilities, promoting interagency cooperation at state level, promoting international cooperation and increasing security in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Find out more about MEDISAFE’s action plan and how it has been implemented so far in our partner countries.

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Work package

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May 2019

Meeting with the council of Europe

As part of the effort to foster international cooperation with regards to the fight against the trafficking of falsified medicines and in link with one of the objectives of the project which is to encourage countries to adopt legal dispositions criminalizing falsified medicines, a delegation of MEDISAFE members and Expertise France staff met with the […]

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April 2019

Technical seminar in Tanzania

The first mission to Tanzania aimed at gathering information on the country context, discussing and agreeing upon a country action plan, and sharing best practices and opportunities in the fight against substandard and falsified medical products with all stakeholders, including pharmacy inspectors, control laboratory staff, customs, and the police. The first technical seminar was organized […]

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April 2019

Combating sub-standard and falsified medicines in Seychelles

A first fact-finding mission was held in early April in Victoria to enable international experts to better understand the specific problems of counterfeit medicines in Seychelles.  The first mission, known as the fact-finding mission, was organized from 1 to 4 April 2019 in Victoria with the support of a team of international experts. The national […]

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February 2019

2nd Annual Meeting of the African Medicines Quality Forum

The Annual Meeting for the African Medicines Quality Forum (AMQF) was organized by United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) in collaboration with the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) Agency, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Moroccan government. […]


January 2019

Fact-finding mission on the legal background in Malawi

As part of the mapping of the legal systems with regards to falsified medicines in the partner countries, one of the legal experts undertook a mission in Malawi. In link with the National Focal Point and the National CBRN team, the expert was able to: Identify and liaise with national contact points in the fight […]


December 2018

2nd Meeting of the AMRH Partnership Platform on Regulatory Systems Strengthening and Harmonization Initiatives in Africa

The AMRH Partnership Platform has been established as a robust coordination mechanism to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the implementation of the medical products regulatory systems strengthening and harmonization agenda in Africa, through optimal coordination of the different partners and stakeholders providing regulatory support on the continent. The aim of the platform is to increase […]

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November 2018

Regional kick-off meeting

The European Union has extended its partnership with Kenya and countries in the Eastern and Central Africa region to address and strengthen capacities to counter the trafficking of falsified medicines. From 7 to 9 November 2018, a regional seminar was hosted by the EU and Kenya, where MEDISAFE was presented. Government officials from a total […]

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October 2018

Fact-finding mission in Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s current regulation on medicine has been set by the Food, Medicine and Health care Administration and Control proclamation No.661/2009 with the objective of protecting public health from unsafe, inefficacious and poor-quality medicine. The executive organs aimed at enforcing the law are the Ethiopian Food and Drugs Administration (EFDA) and the Regional Health Bureaus (RHB). […]

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September 2018

Fact-finding mission Ghana

In Ghana, the CBRN Center of Excellence is organized around a core group, with 12 members from various state institutions, such as the Food and Drugs Administration, the National Revenue Authority, etc. This core group is closely related to the National Security Authority, which may mandate some of the members to support activities from the […]

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