23 July 2019

MEDISAFE upcoming mission to Kigali, Malawi, to deliver technical seminars


A team of international experts in the field of medicines quality control and pharmacy inspection will carry out a mission in Malawi in the last quarter of 2019. Together with Malawian authorities and the CBRN CoE National Focal Point, the experts will carry out the following activities:

  • Identification of the adequate target groups for training on detecting, monitoring, identification and control of falsified medicines.
  • Analysis of the existing situation in terms of quality control and health product regulation, resulting in a benchmark of the chemical and pharmaceutical analysis laboratories with recognized capacities to confirm the identification, characterize and support forensics investigations on falsified medicines and medical products.
  • Analysis of the supply market through a mapping of:
    • the pharmaceutical industries and importers;
    • the supply chain from point of manufacture or importation through to public outlets (both formal and informal);
    • the ports designated for the importation and export of medical products, and assessment of regulatory presence at those ports.
  • Organisation of a technical seminar on falsified medicines definition and detection with key stakeholders in order to:
    • Promote the international WHO approved definition of substandard and falsified medicines
    • Share a risk approach and identify the stakes in terms of health safety and public health impact related to falsified medicines,
    • Identify and share good practices in the fight against substandard and falsified medical products.
    • Identify inappropriate practices (weaknesses) and difficulties encountered, and share solutions provided.

This will lead to the draft of a country action plan as well as the creation of a national network with regards to SFMs.

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